The proper location for air conditioner installation in your home

The quality of the air we breathe has a significant impact on anyone’s health. So it is important to condition the air around us that is in your home. Air conditioning installation is a way that helps you to clean the air around you and provide appropriate air according to our needs. Ways of air conditioning are an air conditioner, air purifier, tree plantation, etc.

Points to be noted for proper air conditioner installation: –

  • Condition for indoor and outdoor:

Indoor unit

  • Located inside the room or hall in which you want to condition the air.
  • Try to install the indoor unit directly above your bed, because hot air travels upward and due to this nature of hot air this point is effective to proper conditioning of the room air.
  • It should be located at a height of about 8 to 10 feet from the floor. It should be accessible easily as for the cleaning of the filters of ac.
  • If there is a window in the room, then try to close the window or try to install it above a certain window in symmetry.

Outdoor unit

  • The outdoor unit should be placed in the open space, such as on the terrace. And if you don’t have access to the terrace, then it should be hanged on the wall outside the house with the help of angles. It is placed outside for the proper airflow of hot air through the compressor.
  • It is preferred to install the outdoor unit to some accessible place for proper maintenance of compressor and gas charging purposes.
  • Don’t put an outdoor unit on a closed gallery because it will create a problem and block the passing of airflow.
  • Don’t tilt the outdoor unit. Install the unit straight. And if you don’t do that, it will lead to the falling of compressor due to its vibrating and noisy function. And air conditioning installation will surely help to condition your room correctly.

 We have discussed some points which help select the proper location for your air conditioner. And if you consider those points then surely it will increase the air quality and product life span as well. However, for a perfect air conditioning installation at your place, you must contact Best HVAC repair and service company today. We have a squad of professionals who have years of experience in installing air condition of every make and model. Contact us today!