Thanksgiving: 4 Quick HVAC Preventative Maintenance Tips

Are you all set for Thanksgiving 2019? If not, do all the preparations beforehand because last moment preparations can ruin the day. One of the most common items that individuals overlook is seeing whether their HVAC system is well-shaped or not.

The most embarrassing moment for you can be the house full of guests, all set to enjoy the mouth-watering turkey, and your heating or air conditioning unit all at once goes out. This will leave everyone at your home uncomfortable. Moreover, they will not be able to enjoy the well-prepared goodies.

Furthermore, another major thing that can go unnoticed throughout the year, but the guests can notice at once is the quality of air in your house. You may not be aware of the problem with the air because you are there every time, but the guest coming from outside with fresh senses can notice this instantly.

So, how to protect yourself from such embarrassing situations?

Below are 4 easy and quick tips that you can do with your HVAC system to make sure that your guest does not feel uncomfortable this Thanksgiving.


1. Deal with The Dust

Cleaning a home is essential before the arrival of guests. Cleaning all the dusty areas around your home will improve the air quality making the guest feel more comfortable at your place.

You must clear all the dust manually because this way, less dust will get into the air, causing no harm to your HVAC system.

2. Cleaning the air vent

Next thing that needs your attention after dusting is the air vents at your home. Most of the individuals are not in the habit of cleaning such spots due to which dust and debris get accumulated. It can degrade the quality of your home air.

Therefore, it is essential to remove the vents, wash, and wipe them properly. Taking AC preventative maintenance from the professionals every year can also help a lot.

3. Investing in new air filters

The next thing to do is changing your air filter. You will find a lot of dust particles inside your air filter due to which your HVAC system can work inefficiently. Therefore, changing your air filters will improve the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems.

4. Getting timely HVAC maintenance

The last and most effective tip is to call the professionals at your home for a quick HVAC preventative maintenance to ensure that your HVAC system is running smoothly. The professionals will look after your system correctly to safeguard you from any HVAC failure this Thanksgiving.

The professionals from Best HVAC Repair Service will come to your place for a quick maintenance service. The preventive maintenance will include: duct inspection, safety control test, checking of airflow, thermostat check, checking of the compressor, and much more.

And if there would be any potential issue in your system, the professionals will repair it within a short period. In general, it will make sure that your guests feel cozy and comfortable this Thanksgiving.